Carbon Fiber Full

Full-Face X-803 Ultra Carbon Agile IN Fiber Black Carbon Red X-Lite TG L

Full-Face X-803 Ultra Carbon Agile IN Fiber Black Carbon Red X-Lite TG L

Full-Face X-803 Ultra Carbon Agile IN Fiber Black Carbon Red X-Lite TG L

Full-Face X-803 Ultra Carbon Agile IN Fiber Black Carbon Red X-Lite TG L. The description of this item has been automatically translated.

FULL FACE HELMET X-803 ULTRA CARBON AGILE IN FIBER BLACK CARBON RED X-LITE. The X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Helmet is the exclusive high-carbon content version of X-Lite's new full-face racing helmet. Extremely low weight and volume (thanks to the carbon-rich construction), cheek pad removal system in case of emergency (NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System), reliable visor mechanism with Double Action device, effective RAF (Racing Air) ventilation system Flow and internal comfort padding Carbon Fitting Racing Esperience (with innovative mesh construction and carbon filaments). All these features make X-803 Utra carbon the most exclusive full-face racing helmet for the most demanding motorcyclist.

Compared to its previous version, the helmet has undergone a conservative restyling, obtaining a sober, not too aggressive look, with rounded and compact lines. The X-803 helmet combines quality, high performance, comfort and safety in a single element and is ready to accompany you on every circuit on the track or on the road.

DATA SHEET: - Tri-composite fiber shell with kevlar, glass fiber and high carbon content - The helmet is produced with caps of different sizes depending on the proposed size and thus allows to offer a perfect proportion between the volume of the helmet and the size of the motorcyclist, while maintaining the degree of protection and safety. Compared to its predecessor (model X-802RR), X-803 UC has been improved in terms of lateral visibility. Consequently, it is able to offer greater driving comfort and increased active safety. The visor is combined with the rotation mechanism that has equipped all Nolan full-face helmets for years: light, reliable, with quick release of the visor without the aid of tools, adjustment (4 mm) of the closure on the porthole gasket, - DOUBLE ACTION device with the dual function of. Visor lock, to prevent accidental opening, especially at high speeds.

Demisting of the visor, at low speed or in the event of a stop, by opening it minimally. PINLOCKĀ® FOG RESISTANT INTERNAL VISOR Supplied and with silicone profile (FSB Full Silicone Border). Of the visor, without having to disassemble it.

RAF VENTILATION SYSTEM (RACING AIR FLOW): The result of long experience and tests in the wind tunnel and on the track, it consists of: - upper air intakes with diffused intake; - front air intake with direct entry; - high flow chin guard air intake, with demisting function; - front protection with integrated aerodynamic exhaust; - side extractors for air discharge; - rear extractor, integrated in an aerodynamic spoiler with variable profile - ADJUSTABLE STABILITY DEVICE (ASD): Compared to its predecessor (model X-802RR), X 803 UC has been improved in terms of stability at high speeds, also thanks to the complete overhaul of the rear spoiler. The adjustable profile of the spoiler has been confirmed, aimed at adapting the aerodynamic capacity of the helmet in relation to the different positions and riding styles. ROOM: Compared to its predecessor (model X-802RR), X-803 UC has been improved in terms of habitability in the chin area: the chin guard has been slightly lengthened, in order to offer greater static and dynamic comfort.

INTERIOR COMFORT PADDING CARBON FITTING RACING EXPERIENCE: The cap with innovative mesh construction facilitates the diffusion of air in the upper part of the head which, in this way, remains cool and dry. The internal padding also consists of side cheek pads (right and left) and lining strips, all completely removable and washable. MONOBLOCK CHEEK PADS: The internal foam padding of the cheek pads is designed in such a way as to offer uniformity of pressures and consistency of performance over time, superior to those offered by traditional padding.

Furthermore, they can be extracted from the respective fabric covers to facilitate washing of the latter. PARANASO (BREATH DEFLECTOR): Clearly inspired by the rain goggles used in racing, it is an effective accessory, as it limits fogging. WE RECOMMEND ASK FOR AVAILABILITY OF THE SIZE!!! Company was born as a retail shop in the center of Arezzo in 2010, in a short time it has become a reference point for all motorcyclists and scooter riders in Arezzo and its province.

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Full-Face X-803 Ultra Carbon Agile IN Fiber Black Carbon Red X-Lite TG L